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Theres Now an App to Help You Through Your Breakup
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After a breakup, there’s nothing you want to do more than talk about said breakup. You could wax poetic for hours on end about what went wrong, whether or not you should call him first or what strategy you should use to get your favorite sweats back. So yeah, your Rolodex of support has probably hit its limit. No worries. That’s what the iPhone app, Mend, is here for—to be there for you post-breakup.

Here's how it works: Once you've downloaded the app, you can set up your account to get customized daily check-ins with steps designed to help you heal. Yep, the app—unlike your sister (or best friend or co-worker or juice guy)—never gets tired of hearing about your breakup.

Each time you open the app, you’re greeted with a short audio training. It also guides you through keeping daily journal entries, logs how you’re feeling and tracks your progress. The app even has a huge archive of articles ranging from step-by-step guides to detoxing from your ex to personal stories of healing.

Alas, there’s no such thing as a free shoulder to cry on: The app offers a free seven-day trial, after which it costs $10 for one month, $24 for three or $60 for a whole year. But really, who can put a price on peace of mind and a friend you can always depend on? Even if it’s kind of a robot...

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