Maybe you landed your dream job in a new city, or your partner got off the wait-list for his number one grad school choice. Whatever your reason, long-distance relationships are hard work, but it doesn’t mean things are futile. Here, ten tips for making the miles between you more manageable.

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longdistance facetime

FaceTime Instead of Call
There’s nothing like looking your partner in the eye. Lucky for us, they’re always just a FaceTime away.

Keep Each Other Updated Throughout The Day
Let your love know about your life as it happens in real time. Did your coworker just microwave tuna again? Sharing mundane things is just as important as updating on the big stuff.

longdistance carepackage

Send Care Packages
Who doesn’t love a little snail mail? Having a physical package to look forward to can keep your spirits up. And having a physical keepsake that connects you with your partner can be comforting no matter where you are.

Play Games
Nothing like a little Words with Friends to keep you in contact throughout the day. Having fun together is key.

longdistance schedules

Stay Clear About Your Schedule
It doesn’t feel great to send a barrage of texts only not to hear from your partner for four hours. Make sure you’re clear on each other’s schedules so you’re not assuming the worst when in actuality your S.O. is just in a client meeting.

Be Adamant About Your Alone Time
When you’re long distance, the moments you do spend together become all the more precious. Don’t call up that old college roommate who lives in your partner’s city every time you visit. Give your person your undivided attention every once in a while.

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longdistance goodmorning

Always Say “Good Morning” and “Good Night”
It’s easy and it lets your love know that you’re thinking about them first thing when you wake up and before you fall asleep.

Make a Long-Term Plan
It helps a lot to know that the distance is temporary. Have you talked about the future? Does one of you plan to move in the next year? These are all good questions to ask before embarking on a long-distance relationship.

longdistance netflix

Watch Your Netflix Together
Just because you’re far apart doesn’t mean you can’t sync up your shows. You could even stay on the phone with your S.O. as you go through the shock of episode five of The OA.  

Be Honest About Your Feelings
Sometimes long distance is going to suck. That’s just a fact. Don’t be afraid to cry to your partner about how hard it is—chances are they feel the same way, too.

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