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Somewhere between college and your ten-year reunion, you stopped caring so much about keeping in touch with everyone on your third-year dorm floor, and realized that it’s the quality, not quantity of your inner circle that counts. So we’re making it easy: Here are the three types of friends to keep close and three to leave in the past. (We’re looking at you, Ms. One-Upper.)

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Keep: The Childhood Bestie

You might no longer have weekly sleepovers and walk home from school together, but no matter how much time has passed, you’ll still pick up exactly where you left off. Since you’re on such a strong foundation, your childhood bestie will always be there no matter what—but make sure to call or write at least a few times a year to catch up on what’s happening in her life. You’ll revert right back to your eight-year-old selves as soon as you pick up the phone.

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Keep: The Inspiration

You’re in awe of your pal’s seemingly superhuman abilities, whether it’s building a deck from scratch, raising three kids on her own or quitting her job to become an artist. She’s fearless, and just thinking about her dedication inspires you. Even if you don’t have similar goals, keep this friend close—she’s a great brainstorming buddy and she’s always ready to help you make your own dreams a reality.

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Keep: The Cheerleader

This gal is bursting with positivity. She’s your biggest fan, and she loves to tell you what an awesome rock star you are (even when you really don’t feel like one). Even if her support might feel a little over the top, accept her compliments with gratitude—and don’t forget to throw some love back her way, too.

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Ditch: The Gossip

She knows everything, from who pushed Rebecca’s son on the playground to which PTA parent is thinking of resigning. It’s tempting to want to hang around the Gossip so you can be in the know, too, but proceed with caution. Chances are, she’s mining your conversation for potential stories about you to tell Rebecca tomorrow night.

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The Downer

Venting from time to time is totally healthy, and it’s great to have a friend you feel comfortable being yourself around. But if you find the only thing you and your pal have in common is complaining, it’s time to start surrounding yourself with people who build you up, not tear you (and everything else on the planet) down.

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The One-Upper

A little bit of friendly competition is no big deal. But if you’re trying to tell a story about your vacation in Bali only to have your friend interrupt to talk about her longer, more extravagant trip to Fiji four years ago, you might be dealing with a One-Upper. It’s tempting to pile on another story about your month-long stay in Tahiti, but it’s not worth it, trust us.

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