The Best-Selling Panda Planner Is Like Bullet Journaling for Dummies

Remember when everyone was super excited about bullet journaling? Quick refresher: It’s the ink and paper organization system with cool shorthand that took the interwebs by storm. But despite its merits, the methodology can seem overwhelming for newbies, which is why we’re super excited about the Panda Planner. It’s similar to bullet journaling, but it does more of the heavy lifting. Here’s everything you need to know about the Panda. 

One: It’s organized into three basic sections: monthly, weekly and daily. That means you can keep track of the everyday to-dos, learn from your weekly progress and work toward bigger goals and life-changing habits all in one place.   

Two: It utilizes principles of positive psychology to drill home optimism and productivity. That’s why there are also sections for projects and priorities as well as daily affirmations, long-term goals and things you’re grateful for (aww), so you don’t get caught up in being busy for busy’s sake. 

Three: It has the most five-starred reviews of any agenda on Amazon—over 3,000 reviews total. Woah. 

The best part? If you somehow hate it (you won’t), Panda guarantees your money back (and you don’t even have to send back the journal if you don’t want to).

The only problem is what we’ll do with all this free time now that we’re so organized. Finish a book? Plan a party? Become a cheese connoisseur? We’ll work it out in the projects section.

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