What Type of Wedding You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Backyard or beachside? Banquet hall or barn? Decisions, decisions. Why not throw in the towel and let the cosmos be your guide? Here’s what kind of wedding you should actually have, according to your zodiac sign.

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type of wedding zodiac sign aquarius

Aquarius: Festival Weekend Wedding

Your warm, infectiously fun spirit has no time for stuffy old tradition. Festival weddings, the popular European trend of hosting music fest-themed nuptials (complete with campground sleeping arrangements), are the perfectly whimsical, cost-savvy solution for your free-spirit tastes—not to mention your zillion best friends and acquaintances. Call up Great Aunt Mildred and ask if you can use her acreage, hire a rad band and roll in some delectable food trucks. Flower crowns, teepee dance party and good vibes for all.

type of wedding zodiac sign pisces

Pisces: Barefoot Beach Wedding

What can you say? You’re a starry-eyed, hopelessly romantic water sign. Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve been happiest by the sea, and heck no have you ever imagined your nuptials anywhere else! Fashion a driftwood altar and “aisle” strewn with petals for the ceremony before retreating to a crisp Sperry tent for drinks and dancing. Cinematic wave-frolicking photos non-negotiable.

type of wedding zodiac sign aries

Aries: Industrial Diy Wedding

As the warrior woman of the zodiac, you just can’t help being drawn to aesthetics that suggest strength and grit. Enter: the stark beauty of the industrial-inspired fete. (Think: a converted warehouse or airplane hangar.) Thanks to your creative, indefatigable fire energy, we also expect this affair to be peppered with DIY touches (why yes, of course you personally designed the metallic-themed tablescapes). If anyone abides by the ethos “If you want the job done right, do it yourself,” it’s you, girl.

type of wedding zodiac sign taurus

Taurus: Rustic Outdoor Wedding

As a rooted earth sign, it’s in your cosmic DNA to feel most at peace among nature (not confined to fussy indoor spaces) regardless of the season. As such, an impromptu “chapel” fashioned in the countryside (think: a farm or forest clearing decorated with natural wood and greenery elements) offers the perfect setting for your ceremony. After all, your vibe when it comes to weddings (and all things) is romantic and festive—yet informal and comfortable.

type of wedding zodiac sign gemini

Gemini: Glam Theme Wedding

Truth talk: Gems have a jillion interest and appetites. And when it comes to wedding planning, this flighty appetite results in a bit of an identity smorgasbord. The fix? A distinct theme wedding (think: a masquerade ball or Old Hollywood glamour) that will have everyone talking for years to come. As a social air sign, you find great joy in bringing loved ones together in an exciting context. And in, yes, causing a stir. This memorable take on the wedding tradition is just the ticket.

type of wedding zodiac sign cancer

Cancer: Intimate Backyard Wedding

As a hermetic crab, you don’t exactly love the limelight (we mean, the thought of reciting your vows in front of 250 people gives you phantom heart palpitations). But you do love your nearest and dearest—deeply and incomparably. A cozy, catered affair (in your parents’ garden, perhaps?) will serve as a wonderful backdrop for intimate conversation, happy-tearful toasts and festive drinks and dancing, of course.

type of wedding zodiac sign leo

Leo: Black Tie Blowout

You’ve been counting down the minutes to your big day since, erm, probably the womb. And yes, as the star of the zodiac, you will be pulling out all the stops. Translation: There will be a fireworks display (or two). And no less than 400 people. And at least three utterly fabulous outfit changes. Your boldly over-the-top extravaganza will be one for the history books (and the society pages). Bless your sparkly, lioness soul.

type of wedding zodiac sign virgo

Virgo: Tasteful Microwedding

Leave it to hyper-methodical Virgo to pull off an absolutely divine wedding...and come in well, well under budget. How, exactly? With an aptly practical microwedding (aka a complete affair comprised of only your absolute closest friends and family). A gorgeous meal at a fine-dining restaurant, the Margiela gown of your dreams and an incredible professional photographer? All totally feasible when you invite only the 25 most important people in your life.

type of wedding zodiac sign libra

Libra: All-out Barn-burner

It’s great you’re legally binding yourself to the love of your life and all, but if we’re being real: you’re here to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E this marriage! As the beloved party girl of the zodiac, your biggest splurges will definitely be a top-shelf open bar all night and an amazing live band to keep guests shakin’ it. Note: You’ll need a hearty venue that will happily stay open ’til the wee hours. Perhaps, well, a festive, fairy light-strung barn?

type of wedding zodiac sign scorpio
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Scorpio: City Hall Elopement

Queen of the underworld, you love fiercely, possessively and, yes, at times quite impatiently. Couple this with your penchant for privacy and you’ve got one terribly chic (and intimate) city hall nuptial in the works. Like you, there's something a tad dramatic about an elopement (the stuff of romance novels and all). Amp this up by going bold on your gown and beauty look (hello, matte red lips), and top the day off with a smart-casual cocktail reception with your closest friends and family.

type of wedding zodiac sign sagittarius

Sagittarius: Exotic Destination Wedding

Somebody’s gotta be the bride who decides to drag their loved ones halfway across the globe to her pain-in-the-neck (but yes, completely amazing) destination wedding. And you, sweet nomad of the zodiac, are just that girl. Choosing a favorite haunt from your travels will allow you to share the foods, cultures and marvelous worldview that make such a big part of your identity. A word to the wise: You better be sure to budget for a local wedding planner.

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type of wedding zodiac sign capricorn

Capricorn: Traditional White Wedding

Leave it to Caps to pull off a timeless, tasteful wedding—and make it all look easy. Like your parents’ nuptials, this wedding celebration will be rooted in family, formality and tradition. Your something old will be vintage antique studs from your Granny; your something new will be white satin Louboutins (treat yo’self), and your venue will be the country club, yacht club or botanical garden. Clean-cut elegance is unshockingly your matrimonial modus operandi.

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