Prosecco Vans Are the New Wedding Trend We Don't Need (but Definitely Love)

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If you're the type of bride who already has her hydrangea cake, balloon decor and llama rental (yep) ready to go, you're gonna jump on this new wedding trend that we can't believe we didn't think of before: the Prosecco Van.

While you've probably seen your share of food trucks at weddings—who doesn't love a late-night burger or ice cream fix?—you probably haven't seen a three-wheeled Piaggio Ape that's been converted into a sparkling wine wagon. Until now...

The brainchild of the UK-based Bubble Bros., the Prosecco Van has been serving guests at weddings and events since 2015. Because—let's be honest—when has there not been a time you haven't thought to yourself, If only there was perfectly chilled bubbly on tap at this wedding?

And if your venue has space restrictions, you can go with the bike version. Yep, the Bubble Bros. also converted a sidecar, serving up ice cold sparkling wine on tap, straight from the barrel. 

While the service is only available in the U.K. for now, we have a feeling we'll be seeing bubbly trucks popping up stateside in the near future. 

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