10 Gorgeous Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas

All the swoon-iest weddings have had one thing in common this season: massive, magical, matrimonial balloons. And while this decor addition earns major brownie points in the photo fodder department, the very best part about them might be the price tag. (With statement balloons doing the decor heavy work, you can scale back on pricey florals without sacrificing wow factor.) Below, a sampling of genius ideas for wedding balloon decorations.

7 Wedding Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

1. Swap Traditional Centerpieces For Balloons.

Opt for slim, simple greens and float a processional of oversize white balloons on festive garland.

2. Decorate Your Entryway.

Deck out doorways in greenery and balloons in your color scheme.

3. Hang As A Dance Floor Centerpiece.

Fashion a huge balloon chandelier with a wire grid and sprigs of fern.

4. String White Balloons With Ivy.

Float double stacks of enormous, low-hanging white balloons on ivy ropes.

5. Ditch Traditional Bridesmaid Bouquets.

Give your gals mini bud arrangements...and huge pink balloons to match their gowns.

6. Tie Them To A Buffet Table.

Add grand tasseled white balloons and wildflowers from the garden.

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7. Line Your Aisle With Massive Balloons.

Tie long, thick ribbons to aisle seats and suspend huge pastel balloons.

8. Hang Them Around The Altar.

Float greenery-bedecked balloons at varying heights.

9. Use Mini Balloons Instead Of Escort Cards.

Tack simple white, cream and gold balloons to a wall as directives.

10. Hang Them Under A Tent.

Let candy-colored balloons float free at the top of your tent. Prettiest. Wedding. Ever.

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