‘Salt and Pepper’ Diamonds Are the Ring Trend You’re About to See Everywhere

Welcome to 2019, brides-to-be: Dresses can be green, grannies can be flower girls and diamonds can be black-and-white speckled. That’s right: Say hello to the salt-and-pepper diamond. These raw, rough-cut stones are peppered (pun intended) with black carbon spots and bits of white cloudiness. While OK, they’re not for everyone, they are a) affordableb) one of a kind and c) trending like crazy. Below, a few of our favorite versions on the market. 

Is *This* the Premiere Wedding Dress Trend for 2019

salt and pepper diamond 1
Courtesy of Point No Point Studios


Classic cut, shocker center stone.   

Point No Point Studios ($4,864)

salt and pepper diamond 3
Courtesy of Alexis Russell


We love the surprising mini S&P diamond halo. 

Alexis Russell ($4,395)

salt and pepper diamond 4
Courtesy of Gem Breakfast


Minimalist, modern and jusssst a tad nostalgic. 

Foe & Dear ($1,595)

salt and pepper diamond 2
Courtesy of Rebecca Overmann


Part Art Deco, part homage to the cosmos. 

Rebecca Overmann (price upon inquiry)

salt and pepper diamond 5
Courtesy of Etsy


Ladylike, organic and oh-so very moody. 

LexLuxe ($3,495)


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