11 Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas That Are Pure Magic

You know what all of your 153 guests need? The chance to be transported from the bleak midwinter to a mesmerizing winter wonderland, that’s what. And while, sure, an open bar doesn’t hurt, either, we’ve found 11 ways to make the cold-weather charm give your guests the shivers.

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White Flowering Branches

You don’t need to bring in the entire enchanted forest, just some strategically placed branches (and candles, galore).

Greenery And String Lights

The holiday season may be over, but string lights are forever. (If you want to recycle more of your Christmas decorations, use them thoughtfully.)

A Giant Wreath Backdrop

Another element carried over from the holidays, but this time it looks totally different when it’s ten times the size—and has a cool, minimalist vibe.

Fairy Lights In A Jar

Because a winter wonderland needs some magic, right?

Messy Braids With Delicate Hair Pieces

And it needs its Ice Queen.

Sparkly Bridesmaids In Faux Fur

There’s power in numbers: What your 'maids wear can elevate the whole room—especially with something that twinkles.

winter wedding flowergirl ideas

Flower Girls In Faux Fur

Everything’s cuter in miniature form.

A Hot Chocolate Bar

So your guests can get extra cozy.

His & Her Wool Blankets

The one thing you’ll most definitely use after the wedding.

Blanket Favors

OK, let your guests in on the hygge, too.

A Gorgeous Snowfall Exit

Don’t leave anything to chance. Get yourself a snow machine.


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