Things You Probably Don’t Have on Your Wedding Registry (but Should)

Steak knives. Cereal bowls. That damn KitchenAid mixer. Those are the no-brainers everyone you know has on their registry. But what about all the other cool stuff you can add these days? Like having someone pay for your Amazon Prime subscription (we wish we knew that sooner). So, before you stock up on too many white marble trays, consider these ingenious ideas.

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wedding registry ideas list 1

High-quality Luggage

An underrated gift that you’ll be grateful to have on your two-week backpacking honeymoon.

Rimowa ($495)

wedding registry ideas list 2

Amazon Prime Membership

Again, can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner.

Amazon ($99/year)

wedding registry ideas list 3

Outdoor Gear

You might feel like you can’t live without that fourth nonstick frying pan, but when it comes to gifts, think about what you both love to do together and ask for things that will make those plans a reality.

Coleman ($30)

wedding registry ideas list 4

Roasting Pan And Utensils

Cue the first Thanksgiving together when you realize you have none of the appropriate equipment.

Cuisinart ($89)

wedding registry ideas list 5
The Home Depot

A Gift Card To Home Depot

Boring? Maybe. Endlessly helpful for a couple who’s moving into a new home right after the wedding? Absolutely.

Home Depot (from $25)

wedding registry ideas list 8
Neiman Marcus

Stunning Wall Art

Remember that not all registry items have to serve a utilitarian purpose—some can just bring you joy.

Neiman Marcus ($495)

wedding registry ideas list 11
Bed Bath and Beyond

Espresso Machine

Because caffeinating is the key to a healthy marriage (and, you know, communication too).

Nespresso ($250)

wedding registry ideas list 13
Bed Bath and Beyond


Worried about the price? Mark it as a group gift so that multiple people can contribute.

Dyson ($400)

wedding registry ideas list 9
Blue Apron

Blue Apron Delivery

Considering this is actually a budget-friendly pick for friends, home-cooked meals should absolutely be on your wish list.

Blue Apron (from $60 per week)

wedding registry ideas list 10
Bed Bath and Beyond

Grilling Tools

You’ve got all the indoor cooking items locked down, but now let’s think about outdoor cooking season.

Schmidt Brothers ($59)

wedding registry ideas list 12

Commemorative Wine

These celebratory “open on X anniversary” bottle are an adorable way to cherish a gift for many years.

Artificer Wood Works ($169)

wedding registry ideas list 6

Backyard Games

Bonus if the guest gets it monogrammed.

Franklin Sports ($145)

wedding registry ideas list 7
Neiman Marcus

Extra Sets Of Sheets

You’re gonna need a lot more than just one.

Pine Cone Hill ($241)

wedding registry ideas list 14
Bed Bath and Beyond

Dual Compartment Trash Can And Recycler

Not as fun as other things on the list, but we guarantee you’ll find it a thousand times more useful than that DIY ice-cream maker.

Simplehuman ($199)

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