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You’ve always imagined your dream wedding at a majestic château in the south of France. But let’s face it: you can already hear your Aunt Gladys asking, “But are either of you from there?” (No, Aunt Gladys, you know we’re both from Jersey). But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some effortlessly chic trends stateside. Here are six things French women are doing at their weddings that you can totally steal for your own.

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french wedding 1

French Lace, Updated

The French wedding is all about relaxed romance. Update the standard lace gown with a modern design (we heart this two-piece ensemble by Laure de Sagazan) to look less fussy but just as classic.  

french wedding 21

Muted, Monotone Palettes

The most French thing in the world is effortless elegance. Go for a simple visual scheme with one accent color—like moody burgundy, surrounded by dusty lavender and rose—to make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into an enchanted forest.

french wedding 3

Mossy Tablescapes

Speaking of enchanted forests…

french wedding 4

Crepe Cakes

Is there anything prettier than a beautifully decorated wedding cake? Why of course there is: A rustic stack of delicate crepes, which is basically the French equivalent of the now ubiquitous hipster donut cake.

french wedding 5

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

And if it looks like it’s been in your family for years and years, even better.

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french wedding 6


Think: A casual sequin or feather number (not a full-on fascinator). The key here, as with all things Français, is that less is more. 

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