Single-Stem ‘Bouquets’ Are the Best Thing to Happen to Weddings in Ages

Bouncy castles, dangling cakes, healing crystals: Not all wedding crazes are created equal. But the latest trend in bridal blooms? Definitely one we can get behind. 

Enter: the single-stem wedding bouquet. Minimalist, organic and oh so budget-friendly, this chic floral alternative echoes the overall trend toward less-fussy (cough, less exorbitantly expensive) affairs. We like. 

11 Gorgeous Wildflower Wedding Blooms and How to Arrange Them


We swoon for this graceful, sculptural bloom. (Plus, the scent is divine.) 


This spiky, boho botanical packs plenty of punch all on its own. 

Garden Rose

The more pillowy and voluminous, the better. 

white dahlia single stem wedding
Britt Rene Photo


These late summer favorites make for an exceptionally sturdy single-stem bouquet. 

single stem bouquet trend dahlia
Sikora Photography

Check it: These chic "bouquets" work for the entire bridal party. 


Keep your vibe clean and classic with this cheerful crowd-pleaser. 


We never thought we'd say this—but we're even loving the trend in tissue paper form. 


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