Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have thought themselves quite the pair of rebels when they decided to break from the traditional fruitcake at their wedding, but that’s nothing compared with this daring new trend: dangling cakes.

oliver james sugar craft creations

Yep, hanging wedding cakes are the latest way to make your celebration more Instagrammable and showstopping than the one before (sorry, Ashley). While we can’t give the precarious trend points for practicality, we gotta say, it is eye-catching. (Just maybe keep the ring bearer and flower girl away.) Here are some other dangling cakes that make us as nervous as they make us hungry.

Image courtesy of Oliver James Sugar Craft Creations

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when he found her

The ‘Survivor’ Edition Cake

Driftwood + sailing rope reads surprisingly more beachy than “SOS.”

Image courtesy of When He Found Her

jeni smith

The Floating Cake

Voluminous greens create an optical illusion that will leave your guests floored.

Image courtesy of Jeni Smith Photography

monika gauthier

The Brooklyn Hipster

Straight out of your favorite trendy borough.

Image courtesy of Monika Gauthier Photography

faye cahill

The Single Tier

Sometimes less is more.

Image courtesy of Faye Cahill Cake Design

city savvy imaging

The Birch Swing

Just like the one you grew up with in your backyard.

Image courtesy of City Savvy Imaging

aggie photography

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