This Midnight Wedding Snack Trend Is Pure Nostalgic Genius

When it comes down to it, the very best weddings last long into the night, leaving guests totally exhausted, in a good way. All that dancing and drinking (not to mention teeny-tiny hors d’oeuvres) can leave a wedding-goer more than a little hungry.

Luckily, we’re seeing a reception trend that just might be the perfect solution: the soft pretzel bar.

pretzel snack bar at a wedding reception
Koman Photography

Equal parts function and nostalgia, it’s the delightful midnight snack for a crowd. Who could say no to their favorite childhood snack? 

We especially love seeing the doughy twists strung cleverly on a stand or passed around family-style in rustic baskets. And whether you go sweet or salty, don’t forget bowls for dipping. (Bonus points for multiple mustard options.)

Expect to see this totally unstuffy trend dominate the next 1,000 weddings you attend…because everyone knows that nothing goes better with an open bar than carbs.

Image courtesy of Koman Photography


Senior Food Editor

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