Couples Are Renting Bouncy Castles for Their Weddings, and Please (Pretty Please) Invite Us

Geode cakesstar-spangled veils and crystal details: We’re crushing hard on this season’s crop of wedding trends. But one we’re *literally* head over heels for: wedding bouncy castles.

Nope, this isn’t a 4-year-old’s idea of their dream wedding (although…probably that, too). It’s a real party rental trend that’s reached unprecedented heights (sorry, had to) in the U.K. from companies like Wedding Wonderland and 1Entertainment.

While we haven’t seen many white garland-and-floral-bedecked bouncy castles here in the U.S., we have high hopes (ugh, sorry again) for seeing the bride and groom shouting their “I do’s” while airborne.

BRB. Pinning these babies to our Dream Wedding board (and practicing our backflip in a floor-length dress, obvs).