The One Zen Wedding Trend You're About to See Everywhere

crystal decor for wedding

If 2017 was the year healing crystals became a decor mainstay, we’re betting that 2018 will be the year they dominate weddings. In addition to being pretty (in, ya know, a woo-woo, Earth mama kinda way), they’re also touted for bringing health and happiness. What could be a better talisman for tying the knot? Here’s how to work ’em into your wedding.

Give as a Bridesmaid Gift
If you’re going the wellness-bachelorette party route (i.e., spas in lieu of a strip clubs), see your theme through by gifting your crew thoughtfully selected crystals. Think: Love encouraging rose quartz for your forever-single BFF, or wealth-boding citrine for your friend who just launched her own business.

Use as Your 'Something Blue'
Looking for the perfect token for the something blue tradition? Meet celestite, a gorgeous, glacier-blue mineral that implores us to trust the universe. Tuck one into your clutch (or sew into your dress lining) to banish any cold wedding-day feet.  

Decorate Your Tabletop
Geology-themed wedding decor has been trending for a few years now (enough with agate invitations, already), but crystals, with their rugged silhouette and diamond-like sparkle, are a fun departure. We especially love ’em as place card anchors or scattered among candles for a mystical centerpiece.

And Your Food...
Fun fact: Hard candy breaks down into crazy-convincing “crystals”—making them a refreshing choice for a decorative cake topper or cupcake decal.

Or Even Your Outfit
Not for the faint of heart, but you can also work ’em into your wedding day getup via jewelry or a headpiece. (If we're being honest, we dig this selenite veil decal situation more than we care to admit.)

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