Healing Crystals Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Crystals
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They’re blowing up on Insta, and everyone from Adele to Miranda Kerr is touting their supposed relaxing and fortune-bringing benefits. But what the heck are they? We dive deep into healing crystals to find out what all the fuss is about.   

Why are crystals suddenly so popular?

Like a lot of wellness trends (breathwork, Reiki, yoga), healing crystals aren’t exactly new. The actual stones themselves can be millions of years old (no joke—the oldest crystal is 4.4 billion years old), and people have been using them for centuries. Blame the recent surge in curiosity on the celebrity attention plus a renewed interest in all things au naturel—from home decor to wedding cakes.

And people are obsessed with them because...?

These ancient stones are believed to channel energy from the earth, allowing positive, healing vibes to flow through the body. Certain crystals also harness specific powers (like rose quartz for love and aventurine for luck). Maha Rose healer Luke Simon explains: “I love feeling the subtle tingle that crystals bring to a room. It clarifies energy and helps me stay connected to nature.” People harness this energy by meditating with them nearby, holding them in their hands, placing them on their bodies and even putting them in drinking water.

Interesting. What else?

There’s no denying that these shiny minerals formed when liquid rock (called magma) cools are super cool (and so pretty). But just remember that they’re exactly that—rocks. There’s no scientific evidence to show that crystals can actually heal or cure anything. But hey, if they make you feel a little more chilled out or brighten up your living room, then why the heck not?

So how can I get in on the trend?

Simon gives us his top three healing crystal recommendations for beginners. For serenity, try placing sparkling selenite (“like a shimmery piece of the moon”) by your bed. For focus, place an amethyst crystal on your desk—“the deep purple is calming and taps into the tranquility of life, beyond the everyday ups and downs.” Got some bad juju floating around? Blackish-gray hematite is good for deflecting energies that are not your own, says Simon. No word yet on which crystal will give us Miranda Kerr’s glowing skin, though.

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