I'm a Wellness Editor Who's Worn a Sleep Mask Every Night for 9 Years. These Are the 3 I Swear By

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sleep mask review
sarah stiefvater

As someone who’s been writing about wellness for almost 11 years, I’m no stranger to the various tips, tricks and products folks try in the pursuit of better sleep. As a pretty bad sleeper myself, I’m constantly testing everything from chakra meditation to Loop earplugs—both of which I highly recommend. While some of these sleep hacks and products have been flashes in the pan, a part of my sleep routine that’s remained constant for almost ten years is a silk eye mask to block out and reduce the chance that I wake up—and can’t fall back asleep—as a police car or fire truck with lights blazing, or morning sunshine, starts streaming in my windows. Below, my reviews of the three best sleep masks I’ve tried, from a $10 Amazon option to two pricier—but, spoiler alert: justifiably so—picks. 

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sleep mask review slip
sarah stiefvater

Even if you’re not a sleep mask person, chances are you’ve seen Slip’s iteration on social media, Nordstrom shelves or right here on PureWow (I’ve written about my love for this product before.) I’ve been using this particular mask—well, a few of the styles in different colors—since 2015, and I have no plans of retiring it. The pure mulberry silk feels amazing on my skin and never leaves dents in my hair (which happens with a lot of other masks on the market—trust me). It does occasionally slip off of my head during the night, but for the most part, it stays put. I know $50 seems steep for such a small piece of fabric, but I’m telling you the quality makes the price more than worth it. If you’re like me and wear it every single night, it pays for itself in no time. It has lasted me *so* long. You’re supposed to hand wash and line dry, but as someone who often ignores care instructions, I machine wash and dry my Slip masks and have never had an issue. (But again, the brand stresses that hand washing is important, so don’t follow my lead.)

Fast Facts

  • Material: 100 percent pure mulberry silk
  • Colors Available: 6
  • Promising Review: “I've never been a sleep mask girl until I purchased my Slip pillowcase and loved it so much I was urged to try the mask. What a game changer - this seals around your eyes so well that it keeps out any light and is ultra-smooth and soft on your skin. The silk band is great because it doesn't snag your hair or get tangled. I would recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their sleep routine.” – Tanya, a Dermstore customer
sleep mask review amazon
sarah stiefvater

I got this mask from Amazon about a year and a half ago after I stupidly left my Slip mask at a hotel in Las Vegas. (Along with ‘what happens,’ I guess my sleep mask also stays in Vegas.) Annoyed at myself for being careless but unwilling to go without a sleep mask entirely, I decided not to immediately replace my $50 mask and instead pick up a more affordable version. To my delight, it’s great—especially for $10. While it’s definitely not of the same quality as the other two products on this list, it’s comfortable, doesn’t slip and adequately blocks out light. I will say that I’m not a huge fan of the adjustable strap; in comparison to fully elastic straps, it occasionally presses uncomfortably into my head. The material also doesn’t feel quite as high-end as pricier picks, but even so I do still wear it quite often, whether my other masks are in the wash or I don’t feel like risking another Vegas situation and pack it as my travel mask. Especially if you’re new to sleep masks and want to try one without spending too much, this Jersey Slumber Store is a solid choice.

Fast Facts

  • Material: 100 percent silk
  • Colors Available: 4
  • Promising Review: “The silk is so soft that I barely knew that I was wearing a mask at all. It breathes and I didn't feel sweaty or hot under it; in fact, it is exceptionally cool and comfortable. I roll around when I sleep but even with tossing and turning, the mask stayed in place for the duration of my sleep. That's a big plus!” – Joyce, an Amazon customer
sleep mask review lunya
sarah stiefvater

I’ve only had Lunya’s sleep mask for a couple of months and it’s quickly become a favorite. The silk is incredibly soft and oh-so cushiony and comfortable. I don’t wake up with any weird creases on my face, despite the fact that it’s fitted enough to never ever slip off in the middle of the night (despite my not infrequent tossing and turning). I will say that I can see this mask being a bit polarizing. It covers more of your face and head than the others on this list, making for a bit of a sensory deprivation experience. I happen to love the coverage—no light gets in when you’re wearing this baby—but I can imagine some folks might feel claustrophobic. As another plus, unlike the Slip mask, it’s completely machine washable, and looks and feels just like new after a quick run through the washer/dryer. The only other thing I’ll note is that it’s not as compact as the other two masks on this list, so I don’t travel with it in the hopes of freeing up as much luggage space as possible. Still, even as an exclusively at-home mask, sleeping with this is an absolute dream—pun intended.

Fast Facts

  • Material: 100 percent washable mulberry silk
  • Colors Available: 8
  • Promising Review: “Wow—a mask that stays put through the night and blocks out even peripheral slivers of light! An added bonus is that I can, on occasion, have dry eye and this mask gently keeps my eyes closed. The soft silk makes me feel that I’m doing all I can to stave off damaging the sensitive skin around my eyes.” – Susan L., a Lunya customer

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