Why Rose Quartz Is the Pick-Me-Up Your Love Life (or You Know, Your Instagram) Needs

pink rose quartz healing crystal in womans hands

Healing crystals are all the rage right now—especially rose quartz, aka the stone your favorite yoga teacher believes manifested the new guy she’s dating. Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and author of Crystal Muse: Every Day Rituals to Tune in to the Real You explains exactly how to harness this gem’s powers (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Color: Various shades of pink, from pale to millennial to deep blush. Rose quartz is usually hazy with no transparency. (It will still look great on the ’Gram, though.)

Origin: Most rose quartz crystals come from Brazil, Madagascar and India. Ancient Egyptians believed that the stone could prevent aging, while one legend has it that Cupid, the Roman god of desire, brought it to earth hoping that its beauty would arouse love in mortals.

Healing properties: This crystal may be known as the love magnet, but its uses go way beyond your dating life. “This stone will open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need—whether it’s self-love, familial love, friendship love, love for humanity or romantic love,” Askinosie explains. And as feelings of compassion, happiness and peace flow toward you, toxic emotions like jealousy, negativity and anger are released. Ahh... 

Celebrity endorsement: “Rose quartz is a wonderful stone to heal and protect the heart, balance emotions, release stress and tension, and encourage love and self-esteem,” says model and skin-care brand founder Miranda Kerr. (Clearly, she’s doing something right.)

How to use it: Askinosie suggests making beauty water with rose quartz by placing a tumbled (i.e., polished) crystal, filtered spring water and a handful of rose petals in a glass bowl or jar. Put this out in the sun for four to eight hours to allow the crystal energy and rose petals to infuse into the water. Then, strain the water and use it to wash your face or pour into a spray bottle and spritz onto your face whenever you need a boost in the love department. Too much work? Try placing two pieces of rose quartz on your bedside table to bring love energies into your room, advises Askinosie.

So, will rose quartz help you meet your soulmate? Maybe, maybe not. But having a physical reminder around (especially one that’s so pretty) to be a little more open to love and positivity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Personally, we’re in love with these Pinterest-worthy lamp toppers and that’s good enough for us.

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