20 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer Weddings

Alfresco summer weddings are the loveliest. But they’re also at the mercy of heat, humidity, wind and rain. We say, rather than worrying about a maintaining a perfectly sculpted and sleek style, why not opt for a romantic ’do that's carefree, a little bohemian and perhaps even welcomes a stray hair or two? Here, 20 gorgeous ideas we're stealing from real brides. 

21 Wedding Veils That Are Pure Fash-Un

Messy Braid Headband

Perfect if your vibe is ethereal. And/or beachy. 

summer bride hairstyle 7
Aggie Photography St. Pete

Wild Pin-tuck Updo

The curlier (and more flower-festooned) the better.  

Low And Loose Bun

Part your hair to the side and let your bangs swing wild and free.

Romantic Updo

Keep things relaxed and messy and garnish with some hair bling.  

Hairstyling: Beauty By Cherise

Messy Chignon

Hot tip: Place the bun right at the middle of your head for mega volume.

summer bride hairstyle 2
Meg Bradyhouse Photography

Boho Headband

Anyone else swooning over this double crown  + beachy waves combo?

Easy Updo

This simple bun meets center part situation is just the prettiest. 

Knotted Crown Updo

We dig this gorgeous braided bun combo for thick-haired ladies especially.  

French Braid Halo

Keep the braid weave loose and thick for tons of romance.

summer bride hairstyle 13

Twisted Low Bun

We especially love this look with ombre or balayage coloring.  

summer bride hair 21
KC Kreit Photography

Loose Side Pony

Sweep this pretty ‘do off to one shoulder, but leave a face-framing tendril on the other side.

Wavy Half Bun

Mermaid curls, FTW.  

Bouffant Bun

Sleek sides + teased crown = modern perfection.  

Wavy Half-updo

We love these loose, glossy waves paired with a pearly princess topper.  

Chill Chignon

Business in the back—wispy and whimsical in the front.  

Messy Updo

It doesn’t get more romantic than this look, gals.  

Deep Side Part Updo

We love these twirled bangs, prettily pinned off to one side.

Wispy Off-center Bun

Go ahead, add in a rose or two.  

Braided 'crown'

“Garnish” with a pretty braided rosette right at the center.

Piecy Updo

Eucalyptus crown, optional. Wispy, romantic tendrils, mandatory. 


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