The Verdict Is In: These Are the Biggest Wedding Trends for 2018

Like a fabulous outfit, the best nuptials always meld tradition with pops of contemporary flair. To that end, here are the eight buzziest things happening on the wedding front for 2018. Go forth and pepper thine Pinterest boards accordingly. 

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Statement Earrings

Good news, gals: Bold ear bling isn’t going anywhere. In fact, there’s been a major uptick in brides opting for simpler gowns paired with glamazon power earrings. #yas

Tiny Tats

Gold bands? Please. Many of today’s lovebirds are sealing the deal with the addition of tasteful, dainty matching tattoos. While it may be a trend, just like your vows, it’s also a forever commitment.


Somewhere between a city hall fete and the tricked-out wedding of your dreams lives the microwedding: aka a festive affair including only your parents and besties. Expect to see much more of these cost-savvy fetes in the year ahead.

Dogwood Blooms

The perfect synthesis of the monochrome and the upscale foraged floral trends, our designer friends tell us these springy clippings are poised for a major bridal renaissance.

Pom-pom Confetti

See ya, sparklers. Sayonara, confetti toss. 2018 will be all about colorful pom-poms used as aisle runners and tossed in the air for an extremely fun send-off.

Couture-inspired Cakes

Two words, folks: flowing fondant. Swoon. Fabric-like cakes are officially the latest and greatest trend in confectionary arts.

Puff Sleeves

The fall 2018 bridal runways were dominated by ethereal “puff” statement sleeves. (Think: tailored, modern reprises on Audrey Hepburn’s bridal Balmain.)

Hybrid Monikers

More and more, couples are switching up the traditional assuming of a single partner’s last name. A growing solution? Last name mashups. (Think Smones for a “Smith”and “Jones”union.) Hey, whatever floats your matrimonial boat, girl. 


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