Study Shows That 1 in 10 Men Now Take Their Wife's Last Name Because...Progress

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Opinions on taking one’s husband’s last name range from “I love tradition!” to “I shun tradition!” But more and more over the past century, gals who love their surnames have resolved to keep them. Men taking their lady’s surname, on the other hand? Not so common.  

Or is it?

According to a study recently published by the London Mint Office, one in ten English lads are taking their bride’s last name these days—a surprising statistic that we hope attests to a growing number of woke feminist grooms.

Some other illuminating numbers from the study: 72 percent of couples still use the male’s last name, 11 percent reported hyphenating and a handful of couples say they’ve literally mashed together surnames to create a hybrid moniker—think Smones for a Smith and Jones union.(Hey, whatever works.)

No matter your approach, clearly the new normal is to call yourselves whatever the heck you want. To which we say, “Hear, hear.”

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