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It’s the season of hayrides, jack-o'-lanterns and all the plaid you can get your hands on. But these fall wedding trends are as chic as ever. Here, ten things couples are doing at their autumn weddings that have nothing to do with pumpkins, leaves or costume parties.  

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More Material

More is more this season. Think: long-sleeve gowns with details galore and floor-length veils.

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Custom “Just Married” Jackets

Leather or denim, these trendy designs are perfect for chilly outdoor photos.

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Deep Red Bridesmaid Dresses

If you haven’t heard, red is fall’s “it” color. Shades of oxblood, wine or currant work especially well with autumn foliage.

Navy and Oxblood Suits

Deep blues and reds (and, yes, there’s more red to come) add a welcomed richness and warmth as the temps cool off.

Fruit Incorporated into Flower Arrangements

Well, it is harvest season after all.

Deconstructed Cornucopia

Speaking of the harvest, share the bounty up and down your tables by letting your guests decadently chomp on pomegranates, figs and berries during speeches.

Red Florals (Like, All of Them)

Again, more is more. From light pink to deep red, the spectrum plays so perfectly off of the season’s changing vegetation.

Moody Invites

A hint of what’s to come at the actual event.

Black Wedding Cakes

Not everything needs to be red—these stunning matte black designs are surprisingly everywhere this fall and make quite the instant statement.

Hand-Painted Cookies

Edible party favors with lovely meanings? (This one was inspired by the phrase “My Moon and Stars.” Swoon.) We’ll take two, please. 

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