Brides-to-be across the Interwebs are losing their marbles over a Moscow bakery called Kalabas—and with good reason—the 3-D brushstroke cakes coming out this joint are like no confections we've ever seen before. While referred to as “feather cakes” by the bakers, the popular consensus is that their signature decorations look more like big blobs of paint streaked upward in a gorgeous act of gravity defiance. Given their Pinterest proliferation, we’re guessing it won’t be long before a zillion copycats emerge stateside. So consider asking your caterer for one before they become the next naked cakes. Below, a mesmerizing sampling:

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Brushstroke cakes can look somewhat tame in a neutral peachy palette.

Or dark and moody with avant-garde chocolate paint drips.

A burst of soft pastels on creamy white frosting is perfect for an (edgy) spring reception.

These guys can be layered with fresh fruits for extra texture, flavor and lovely visual interest.

Or decked out in florals and greenery for a total eyeball feast.

Oh, and petite brush strokes look amazing on cupcakes too (if grab-and-go wedding sweets are more your style).

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