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From the all-white dress code (brave) to the caprese salad starter (with sun-ripened yellow tomatoes, duh), you want your wedding to sing your favorite season’s praises—and your bridal flora should follow suit. Here are some of our favorite flowers that bloom just in time for summer bouquets.

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These tall, vine-like blooms make a dramatic complement to any bouquet.

Peak season: June to October 
Colors: Blue, white, pink, purple 

Photo: Ella Blue Studio / Clip art: Getty Images


Sturdy, sculptural and vibrantly colorful, these beauties make a perfect focal bloom in a summery arrangement.

Peak season: Summer to early fall 
Colors: Purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, peach, white

Garden Roses

The hardiest of rose varietals, these guys are hopelessly romantic and also so very English countryside. Look at you, Lady Mary.

Peak season: Year-round
Colors: Pink, red, purple, orange, white 

Chamomile Daisies

Have you seen a sweeter, happier filler floral in all your life? (No folks, the answer is no).

Peak season: Summer to early fall 
Colors: White

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OK, yes we have—these frothy, feather-like pink fillers give 'em a run for their money.

Peak season: Mid-summer
Colors: Pink, purple, red, white


It's all in the name, guys; these delicate accent wildflowers look like they’re straight out of fairy-tale.

Peak season: Mid-summer to early fall
Colors: Light and dark pink, white, brown 


No beachside nuptial is complete without these preppy, orb-like blooms.

Peak season: July to November
Colors: Blue, purple, pink, white, green 


A handful of happy golden sunlight, come wedding rain or shine.

Peak season: May to November 
Colors: Yellow, orange, brown

Queen Anne’s Lace

Because your summer bouquet needs some lace trim too.

Peak season: Spring to early fall 
Colors: White, green 


These pale pretties are deliciously fragrant—just maybe use as accents as not to overwhelm the senses (especially if you’re wearing perfume).

Peak season: Summer to fall
Colors: Cream, pink 

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