The 10 Biggest Wedding Trends for Spring 2018

Hear that friends? That’s the sound of spring wedding bells ringing in the near distance. So what can we expect to see at nuptials this season? We combed through Pinterest’s 2018 weddings report for the best and buzziest rising trends.

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High Neckline Wedding Gowns

Sayonara, sweetheart gowns—this season’s silhouette is all about channeling your inner Grace Kelly.  

Fig Cakes

Fact: Figs are the most photogenic (and sensual?) fruit around—which is why more and more of today’s brides are requesting them as cake decor. 

No Ties For Guys

Echoing a larger shift toward casual, fuss-free affairs, folks are opting for groom ensembles that skip the tie...and (gasp) pop a button.

Messy Updos

Yet again, casual is king: Brides today are all about romantic, low-maintenance ways to sweep their hair off their face.

Pretzel Bars

TBH, all we really want after a night of drinking is a soft, warm, salty pretzel—hence our adoration of these trendy, unpretentious wedding snack stands.  

Potted Plants

Blush rose fatigue: It’s a thing—and we’re glad to see the fresh and springy trend toward potted greenery across tabletop and aisle decor.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

This naturally occurring mineral is sparklier, cheaper and in general, more socially conscious than a traditional diamond.  

Lip Gloss

Remember that shiny, syrupy tube from middle school? It’s back for bridal beauty this season, with ladies searching for glossy lip looks in lieu of matte.

Diy Confetti

From hole-punch paper hearts to potpourri flower petals, brides are seeking send-off solutions beyond the rice toss, with a distinctly homemade feel.

Switzerland Honeymoons

With its world-class skiing, picturesque lake towns framed by the Alps and chocolate-heavy culture, Switzerland was the most searched honeymoon hub by a landslide.

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