Whether we’re enjoying a leisurely fall weekend or taking off on a quick road trip, we’re always in search of a little beauty. Turns out, it’s all around us here in Texas. From fields of wildflowers to the state’s most spirited city and even mountains (yep), these are the most photogenic spots in Texas.


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If you’ve lived in Texas your whole life, you are bound to have a photo of you and your family frolicking in the bluebonnets, and if you’re new to the state, it’s just a matter of time. While the Fredericksburg area boasts some blue beauties, we just can’t get over the fields in Brenham.

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Big Bend National Park

One of the few places in Texas where you could legitimately ask, “Wait, are we still in Texas?” Yep. And you were part of the majority who think of the Lone Star State as being completely flat.

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San Antonio Riverwalk

With killer margaritas, the best Tex-Mex in the country and mariachi for days (and days), it’s no wonder tourists flock to San Antonio.

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Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake

Red Bull Cliff Diving chose this as one of only a handful of locations around the world to host one of its annual competitions. It’s huge. It’s surprising. It’s awesome. Just like Texas.

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Fort Worth Stockyards

Is it the stereotypical opening scene in all DFW television appearances? Yes. Is it always a completely accurate depiction of daily life here? No. Is there something magical about the twice-daily cattle drive that still happens in 2017? Absolutely.

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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

More than a million people visit this 66-acre botanical garden each year to take in its beauty. Regardless of the season, flowers, plants, pumpkins and so much more grace the grounds to delight your eyes…and especially your camera.

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

The first of its kind in North America, this extraordinary Hindu temple stands tall on the outskirts of Houston. Want a closer look? The mandir is open to all and entry is free.

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Texas State Capitol

It’s a rite of passage: On your first trip to Austin, you must take a picture near the Capitol. It’s handsome, regal and chock-full of history.

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Reunion Tower

This building packs a one-two punch. When photographing it from the ground, you can take in its unusual structure set against the Dallas skyline. If you’re taking a picture from the inside (say, at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck), you get to experience views that rival those shot from a helicopter.

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Hamilton Pool

Are you really seeing what you think you are seeing? That is the beauty of one of Texas’s natural pools. But don’t let this picture fool you: Unless you go in the wee hours of the morning, it’s going to be mobbed with Austin swimmers.

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