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There’s a million and one things we’d do for a good Instagram. Let ice cream drip down our hand? Check. Look like an idiot while trying to pose “candidly” in the middle of a crowded sidewalk? Yep. But standing near the edge of some of the largest cliffs in the world? We’re not sure we have to guts to go there…yet. But 'other 'Grammers sure do. Here, ten cliffside Instagrams that prove there are lot of brave people out there (yep, even braver than those who dare to post a hot-dogs leg pic). 

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See? Hot-dog legs are so much more edible enticing when dangled over an Indonesian cliff.

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But one false move and your hot dogs are now hamburgers…

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If you don’t caption this with a moody quote, were you even on a cliff?

The patient cameraperson that waited for you to shimmy all the way out to the edge is actually a very bad friend for letting you do that.

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Seriously…the patience of this photographer is second to none. (And yes, that yellow speck is a person...we think…)

One leg up for Reykjavík, one small step for mankind.

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The first lesson of cliff jumping: Do not attempt for any reason whatsoever.

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“Do it for the ’Gram,” they said. “It’s not dangerous at all,” they said.

You’ve got to be cliffing us with these leg dangle shots.

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Warning: Gorgeous cliff scenery may convince subjects they can fly.

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