The only thing better than that epic vacation you’ve booked to the Maldives is that epic collection of photos you’re going to immediately share on Instagram.

But rather than posting yet another shot of your pedicured toes poolside (seriously, stop), here are a few inspiring photographic alternatives we’ve collected from Instagram. Borrow these little tricks and let the “likes” commence.


Frame things in the corner

Don’t put your subject directly in the center. It’s much more dynamic (and appealing to the eye) to have it peeking in from outside. Not quiet sure how to do this? Follow the rule of thirds.


Frame things along the bottom

Consider keeping your horizon toward the lower part of the frame (again following the rule of thirds). In fact, your smartphone’s camera even has a handy grid-line function built into it.


Take it to the edge

Literally. Teetering on a cliff’s ledge ups the wow factor of any composition. (Safety first, though.)


Avoid Eye Contact

Standing in front of some monument and smiling into the lens is sorta…touristy. Create action off-camera and turn your gaze to the side: instant “what’s she looking at?” intrigue.


Capture Action From Behind

You can’t see these cannonballers’ gleeful faces, but imagination equals art.


Don't be afraid of sunset shots

Some call it cliché. But you’ve traveled to this locale for this very thing. Let the sky do the talking and fill the frame with wispy clouds, cheerful rainbows and epic color battles.


Focus on small details

Yes, La Sagrada Familia is a marvel of modern architecture. But rather than trying to capture the entire thing (you’ll never do it justice), zoom in on one small, interesting component. The devil’s in the details and so is the beauty.


Infuse Fashion

Want a really killer new profile pic? Don’t settle for your striped knit cover-up. Pack at least one specific look to stage a little photo shoot against the gorgeous beach you just shelled out serious dough to visit.


Follow A Theme

Murad Osmann started the lovely photo series #FollowMeTo, featuring pics of his wife leading him by the hand through their travels. No shame if you want to straight up copy this idea for your next romantic getaway.


Try A Bird's-Eye View

You’re eating all the cheese in France--might as well document it. This particular angle of your fabulous meal is a surefire way to induce major envy in everyone back home.


Or An Ant's-Eye View

We all know what a tree looks like, thanks. So the next time you’re hiking the Redwoods, look up and give us a fresh point of view.


Look for Doors and Windows

The quiet sweetness of a paint-chipped door or an architectural window can capture the spirit of a place. It’s a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment that can be more impactful than yet another Eiffel Tower shot.


Or Floors

Chances are the places you’re traveling boast some pretty incredible tile work. Just be sure to hashtag #ihavethisthingwithfloors and share your findings with the world.


Create A Color Story

It's admittedly harder to pull off, but a truly striking image is one that fills the frame with the same color. Your Instagram followers need to see your passion for the blues, reds and yellows of the world.

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