You’ve finally begun packing for that trip to Turks and Caicos (because you leave in, like, five hours). And there are plenty of things to worry about: the boarding passes, the weather, the traffic… The last thing you need to stress over is what your new linen palazzo pants will look like after 13 hours in your suitcase. Fear not, harried traveler. We found an easy solution thanks to Katie Like Me that prevents wrinkles in your suitcase, no steamers necessary.

What you need: Satin pillowcases (one per easily wrinkled clothing item) and your suitcase

What you do: First, lay out a pillowcase. Then top it with one of your more wrinkle-prone items. Roll them both up together, allowing as much fabric to touch the satin as possible. Make sure that the satin rolls are packed last--on top of everything else in your suitcase--so they have the most breathing room.

Why it works: The satin acts as a slippery buffer against potential clothing creases. When strong fibers like linen become stuck in the same position for the duration of your travel, wrinkles form. The satin allows the fabric to slide across its surface without getting caught.

That’s it? Yep, and you can use the pillowcase once you get to the hotel...since we're guessing sunburns may be involved later in the week.

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