Dear Foodies, You Can Now Airbnb Julia Child's House in Provence

Yes, the original kitchen is still intact

Cancel your Boca trip: Starting this June, it’s officially possible to Airbnb the adorable little “vacation” cottage in the French countryside where Julia Child used to cook and entertain with her hubby from 1963 to 1992.

See, last year after Sotheby’s put the house on the market, it was snapped up by a Colorado-based couple who decided to turn it into a culinary retreat for budding chefs (also, Julia super-fans). That plan is still in motion--the official “La Pitchoune” is scheduled to open in 2017--but in the meantime, you can Airbnb the adorable stone and stucco-tile roofed cottage for the bargain rate of $590 a night.

Yep, the 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home comes with charming gardens (where Julia no doubt planted and picked her produce), an outdoor terrace and sweeping views of Provence. But the real piece de resistance is the kitchen--the only one of Child’s to remain intact.

So phone in your five best foodie friends and get working on that cassoulet…

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