7 Trends That Will Be Huge in February

It’s Super Bowl season. And by that we mean the Super Bowl of Hollywood and fashion: the Oscars. Oh, we’re also coming up on New York Fashion Week. Even if you never emerge from your bolt-hole on Groundhog Day to check your shadow, there’s still tons to talk about this February. Here, the hottest topics for the shortest (but somehow longest) month.

february trends halftime abs
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1. Halftime Abs

She may have been robbed of her Oscar nomination for Hustlers, but on Sunday, February 2, Jennifer Lopez will have the world—and Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium—at her feet as she co-headlines the Super Bowl halftime show. Judging by the crop top she wore during rehearsals, we’ll have to do a few sit-ups before indulging in a plate of wings on Super Bowl Sunday. J.Lo’s co-headliner, Shakira, hasn’t been shy about sharing what it takes to get her ripped physique on the ’Gram. Her trainer Anna Kaiser explains that the singer’s “Hips Don’t Lie” mostly because Shakira doesn’t eat sugar or dairy.

2. Royal Beanies

Now that the dust has settled around Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from the royal family, all we can think about is whether we can justifiably spend $87 on a cashmere hat. See, Markle was photographed in Hat Attack’s slouchy cuff hat at the Victoria International Airport in British Columbia, and while we’re guaranteed to lose it in two days, it’s also the most regal beanie we’ve ever seen. Considering Harry and baby Archie have also been rocking knit hats in Canada, we should probably start ordering them in bulk and calling them toques.

february trends awards season
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3. Later, Awards Season

On Sunday, February 9, the world will tune in to watch the Oscars—while bidding adieu to over-the-top red carpets (at least until awards season rolls around again). We’ll see if history-making double nominee Scarlett Johansson walks away a winner. We’ll hear whatever new, adorably bro-mantic thing Brad Pitt has to say about Leonardo DiCaprio. And we’ll learn whether the massive bows, glittery harnesses and statement sleeves that dominated the Golden Globes and Grammys have legs. For wrapping up all those loose ends, we’d like to thank the Academy.

february trends bill murray
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4. Bill Murray Mania

Groundhog Day on Sunday, February 2, brings with it the excuse (as if we needed one) to rewatch the eponymous 1993 classic. Ned Ryerson, anyone? Turns out, national treasure Bill Murray has even more in store for us: He strapped on his proton pack and just finished filming Ghostbusters: Afterlife, written and directed by Jason Reitman (yep, the son of the movie’s original director, Ivan Reitman). Who you gonna call?

february trends new york fashion week
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5. New York Fashion Week

The traffic-snarling stampede of street-style stars and other fashionable folk kicks off Friday, February 7. Highlights to watch for, whether you’re sitting in the front row or scrolling through shows on your couch: Whatever the Olsen twins have up their minimalist sleeves for The Row on Monday, February 10; the always romantic and dreamy Oscar de la Renta, also on February 10; and the reliably epic Marc Jacobs show that will close out the week on Wednesday, February 12. Noticeably absent from this year’s schedule? Jeremy Scott, who’s relocating to Paris; Tom Ford, who’s defecting to Los Angeles, and Tommy Hilfiger, who’s hopping the pond to show in London.

february trends swede and chic
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6. Swede And Chic

Clogs. Greta Thunberg’s no-holds-barred fight for climate change. Swedish beauty emerging as the new Korean beauty. The Swedes could have rested on their laurels with IKEA, H&M, hygge and Alexander Skarsgård. But no. Life goals continue to pour out of this Scandi utopia that’s casually the seventh happiest country in the world.

february trends haute chocolate

7. Haute Chocolate

We can finally kiss Tums-like candy hearts goodbye. A University of Pennsylvania engineering student has invented a 3-D chocolate printer. Too DIY? Well, avant-garde NYC chocolatier Sebastian Brecht sells chocolate scorpions (because nothing says “I love you” like a terrifying, deadly bug?). And Fine & Raw, a chocolate purveyor in Bushwick, Brooklyn, offers Habanero Salt Bars sweetened with organic coconut sugar. And yes, the chocolate is raw. This Valentine’s Day, think inside the chocolate box.