‘Virgin River’ Star Zibby Allen Shares BTS Vids and Pics from Season 4

As we impatiently patiently wait for the premiere of Virgin River season five, one of the show’s stars, Zibby Allen, is treating fans to something that’s sure to put a smile on their faces: throwback pics and vids from season four.

The 41-year-old actress posted a photo/video slideshow on her personal Instagram page, where she is having fun with her Virgin River castmates on set. The first video shows Allen and her co-star, Alexandra Breckenridge, having a dance party while surrounded by the rest of the film crew.

If you were to swipe left, you would see the actress hugging fellow cast member, Martin Henderson, in a parking lot. As a special treat (for all the Dan + Brie shippers), Allen also shared a picture of herself and Benjamin Hollingsworth looking rather cozy in bed together.

Some fans may remember Hollingsworth posted a similar snapshot last month, where their co-star Marco Grazzini was included as well.

To end the post on a special note, Allen shared a rare pic of her and Grazzini posing in front of a peaceful backdrop, with mountains and trees visible in the background. “Going through videos + snaps from season 4 is my new favorite thing… ,” she wrote in the caption.

For some of us, the last snapshot reminded fans of the photo that Breckenridge, Henderson and castmate Colin Lawrence captured back in July. The pic (posted on the official Virgin River account) shows all three actors sharing a tight embrace and standing in front of a breathtaking view in the distance.

Thanks for the fun throwbacks, Zibby.

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