‘Virgin River’ Star Alexandra Breckenridge Interrupts Martin Henderson’s Season 4 Proposal to Say She’s ‘Totally Not Pregnant’

Remember that teaser video Virgin River dropped on Monday to announce seasons four and five? Well, it turns out there were a few versions of the clip that the series considered releasing before they decided on the one they actually put out. Lucky for us, the show just released one of the outtakes on social media.

Earlier this week, the official IG account of the popular drama confirmed the renewal news in a clever video featuring stars Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel Monroe) and Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan). “Season 4 and Season 5 picked up by Netflix! Thank each and everyone of you for all your support! We so appreciate it!” the post’s caption read.

In the footage, we see Henderson getting down on one knee to ask his co-star if she wants to do a fourth season of the drama. But then yesterday, the show posted one of the rehearsal takes in their IG Story, which went totally differently.

img 5991

The new clip starts off the same with Henderson telling his co-star he has to ask her something. But then things appear to get off-track. “Oh my gosh. Oh, no no no wait,” Breckenridge responds. “I have to tell you something first. I’m pregnant. No, I was just kidding I'm actually totally not pregnant. What did you want to say?”

“I wanted to know if you wanted to do season four?” Henderson finally asks. “Season 4? Of Virgin River? Yes!” she responds before the two hug in excitement.

It appears that the duo was tasked with improvising this announcement video and they clearly had fun messing around. Ultimately, it was the more straightforward footage that got the approval. See that version below.

As we mentioned above, Deadline reported the renewal news early Monday. Production for season four reportedly began back in July, with 12 new episodes expected to drop around the summer of 2022. Unfortunately, no further details (such as a plot) have been revealed.

We have a feeling there are a few more rehearsal videos in the vault (and we want access).

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