The Official ‘Virgin River’ Instagram Account Is Asking Fans for Help with Season 4

Attention Virgin River enthusiasts: the show's official Instagram account is asking for help from fans of the show.

That's right. In a new post, the team shared shots of Lizzie (played by Sarah Dugdale) and her Aunt Connie (Nicola Cavendish) working at the bakery truck, along with a caption that said, “Let’s help Lizzie and Connie come up with some Bakery specials for S4!”

The comments were soon flooded with ideas, including a response from actress Dugdale, who said, “Anything with chocolate involved!” Meanwhile, fans came up with really creative dishes, like one user who said, “The ‘Jack.’ Red velvet cupcake topped with a whisky buttercream. And the ‘Mel.’ A a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. (Because she’s spicy but sweet).”

Along with ideas that centered around characters in the show, fans suggested everything from brigadeiro to stroopwafel, and we'll be very curious to see if any of these special desserts make an appearance in season four.

We were first introduced to the character of Lizzie in season two, when she moved to Virgin River after getting in trouble with her parents. Upon moving, she was now under the guardianship of her Aunt Connie, the town's General Store owner, who took over Paige's abandoned delivery truck in season three.

While we're unsure what's in store for these characters (especially after that major bombshell at the end of season three), it looks like the bakery truck will still be up and running in future episodes.

The show's creators have been heavily teasing season four on their Instagram recently, with lots of behind-the-scenes footage and even a video announcing the return of Denny (played by Kai Bradbury).

Don't mind us while we go brainstorm baking ideas.

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