One of Our Favorite Characters Is Returning to ‘Virgin River’

Virgin River season three saw the return of several familiar faces and introduced a few new ones, as well. And while we’re already ramping up for seasons four and five, we’re dying to know who will come back. Lucky for us, this new behind-the-scenes video just revealed that one of our favorites, Denny, will be in the new installments.

On Monday, the official IG account of the Netflix series shared one of its famous behind-the-scenes videos from filming. In the clip, we see Kai Bradbury (who plays Denny) on his first day back to the Virgin River set. “Denny is back in VR! Is it a long visit or here to stay because of ……@kaibury,” the post’s caption reads.

“Hi everyone, it's my first day on season four of Virgin River, and I'm looking for Doc, let's check his office,” Bradbury says in the footage. “Nope, no luck.”

If you didn’t know, Denny, who was introduced last season, is a 24-year-old Marine who comes to Virgin River to reconnect with his grandfather, Vernon “Doc” Mullins (Tim Matheson). Bradbury even teased his plotline in the comment section of the post, writing, “Hope y'all can help me find my grandpa!!”

ICYMI: Back in September, Netflix revealed that the drama series had been picked up for a fourth and fifth season. Hours later, Colin Lawrence (John “Preacher” Middleton) Ben Hollings (Dan Brady) worth revealed that the fourth installment will include 12 episodes, rather than the usual ten, in a clever video on Instagram.

We are definitely going to start paying closer attention to these quick clips.

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