Does ‘Bachelor’ Star Victoria F. Still Have Feelings for Chase Rice? She’s Totally Acting Like It

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber invited Victoria Fuller on a second one-on-one date. While somebody like Hannah Ann would be over the moon, Victoria seemed totally uninterested in the pilot and even implied that she wants to send herself home, leaving us with one burning question: Does Victoria still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, country singer Chase Rice?

Sure, we’ve seen hesitant contestants in the past—like when Cassie Randolph packed her bags on Colton Underwood’s season because she knew she wasn’t ready for an engagement. But Victoria is an entirely different story.

It all comes down to episode four when she had an impromptu run-in with her ex-boyfriend, who serenaded Victoria and Weber while they kissed and danced. (#Awkward)

After the concert, Victoria F. made her way backstage and pulled Rice aside. He claimed he had no idea she’d be on the one-on-one date (lies), even though Victoria F. said Rice tried to stop her from coming on the show.

Later that night, Victoria F. came clean to Weber, who was in disbelief about her past fling. The problem? Victoria F. has been acting strange ever since, and last night’s episode only solidified our fears.

Things got worse when she hinted that she doesn’t know if she’s cut out for The Bachelor. At dinner, she excused herself from the table when Weber encouraged her to be more vulnerable. Victoria F. later apologized and explained that she doesn’t know how to comprehend her feelings, so she’s taking it out on him.

So, what does it all mean? If Victoria F. was over Rice, she wouldn’t have cared that he crashed her date. Yes, it would have been awkward, but it shouldn’t have caused a mental breakdown—that is, unless there are feelings involved.

We’re not saying that Victoria F. is still in love with Rice, but it’s safe to say she’s not totally over him. When she ran into the country singer, there’s a good chance she realized that she’s not ready to be engaged to someone else. That’s why she can’t fully commit to Weber, who is looking for a wife—not a girlfriend.

So, will Victoria F. pull it together? Or will she walk away without a rose? Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, February 10, at 8 p.m.

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