Um, Tom Holland Just Called Out Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal for the 'Impossible Challenge' (aka a Shirtless Handstand)

Guys, we reported earlier this week that plenty of celebrities are getting in on these viral social media challenges. But when we woke up today, we had no idea that we’d be watching an impossible handstand challenge by some of our favorite Hollywood actors. And did we mention, they’re shirtless?

Yup, this week, Tom Holland was challenged by a friend to complete the viral “impossible challenge” where participants must put on a shirt while doing a handstand against a wall. We just can’t make this stuff up, people.

Not surprisingly, the 23-year-old actor successfully completed the challenge (he is Spider-Man after all) and proceeded to nominate some of his other famous (and also super) friends, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.

Gyllenhaal was totally on board and immediately accepted and completed the challenge. Is it us or was that pretty effortless?

Reynolds, on the other hand, was not so inclined to participate. However, he did provide a pretty great response with a simple clip of himself looking confused and saying, “no.” (That would definitely be our response).

So, while we’re not always one-hundred percent on board with these challenges, we'll watch Holland and Gyllenhaal complete them any day of the week.