Musicians Are Recording Their Own Covers of Joe Exotic’s Songs from ‘Tiger King’—Here, Our 5 Favorites

Well, the internet is still obsessing over Netflix’s Tiger King. And while most people have been focused on the big cats, Carol Baskin (possibly) murdering her husband and the insane Joe Exotic himself, we've been left thinking about one thing—Exotic’s music videos.

Not only was the now-imprisoned tiger handler a self-proclaimed “king,” but he also revealed himself to be an aspiring country star with two whole albums available for purchase at his gift shop (sorry to disappoint, but those were not his vocals). Joe gave us some instant hits, such as “I Saw a Tiger” and “Here Kitty Kitty.”

Immediately, musicians across the world seized the opportunity to cover these classics and we’ve rounded up our favorites for your enjoyment.

1. Alex Winston’s "i Saw A Tiger"

Billboard referred to this one as Joe Exotic meets Lana Del Rey.

“Winston gives a sensual, Lana Del Rey-esque veneer to the song about the mystery surrounding Exotic's nemesis, Big Cat Rescue matriarch Carole Baskin. With gently strummed acoustic guitar and Winston's intimate, velvety voice, the ballad of murder and mayhem is transformed into a pop tiger trap,” said Billboard. Not to mention, she also released her version of "Here Kitty Kitty,” and proceeds from both songs are being donated to charity (Best Friends Society and MusiCares).

2. The Offspring’s “here Kitty Kitty”

Yup, the punk rock band hopped on the Tiger King bandwagon and also released a cover of “Here Kitty Kitty.” The Offspring’s version comes with a music video (which is much tamer than Joe’s). And, yes, that is drummer Pete Parada dressed in a full tiger suit.

3. Jared Mitchell Band’s “i Saw A Tiger”

“I'm pretty sure it is the number one song in the country right now—at least it is around here,” the group's frontman stated during a livestream. “I’m sorry. No I’m not,” he joked before they started their quirky performance.

4. Everyone Dies In Utah’s “here Kitty Kitty”

Everyone Dies in Utah delivered a metal version of the country song (available on Spotify), which begins with an intimidating—yet absolutely fitting—tiger growl. And although there’s no actual video, there is cover art featuring a big cat. “We hope everyone loves our rendition of Joe Exotic's ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ from Tiger King,” they wrote in the song’s description.

5. Matt Heafy’s "i Saw A Tiger"

TRIVIUM frontman gave it his all in his video cover of the popular song shot from what seems to be a home studio. “I want to make this really, really good,” he says in the beginning of the clip before showing off his low vocals. We’d say he succeeded.