Tiffany Haddish Chopped Her Hair Off During an Instagram Live

Tiffany Haddish is saying goodbye to her luscious locks and rocking a whole new look these days—a shaved head. 

During a recent Instagram Live, the comedian, who had been sporting braids for the last two months, cut off all her hair before taking a clipper to shave the rest of her head. According to Haddish, she's been "wanting to do it for years."

She also documented parts of the process in a few Instagram posts. “Cut my hair!” she captioned one post. “I cut all my hair off cause I want to see my Scalp. I know my whole body I know where every mole is but I don’t know my Scalp. So hello Scalp #SheReady to everything.”

Of course, the surprising clip caused quite the reaction from Haddish’s followers, who voiced their concern for her well-being in the comments section. Others wondered if the decision to lose her locks was for an upcoming role. 

"Why when a woman decides, 'Hey, I'm gonna cut this hair off because I wanna see my scalp,' she's gotta have a mental problem? Nothing is wrong with my brain, you guys,” she shared in a second video. “I’m not suffering from no emotional s–t, nothing. Anybody that knows me, knows me, knows that I’ve been talking about this for a long time.” She also assured fans that her hair would grow back. 

Tiffany, if you're reading this, we totally support you.