Sutton Foster Reveals What Her ‘Younger’ Alter Ego Liza Has Taught Her About Embracing Her Age

sutton foster on younger and embracing your age

As every Younger fan knows, the hit TV Land show is about a 40-year-old single mom named Liza (played by Sutton Foster) who lies about her age to land a job and bolster her love life. But with six seasons under her belt—and Season 7 on the way in 2020—it’s safe to say that Foster has picked up a handful of tips from her small-screen alter ego about how to feel confident about your actual age.

PureWow had the chance to ask her about them while she was promoting her partnership with Lactaid—which is just real milk minus the lactose, BTW.

Foster says her first piece of advice relates to how you care for your skin. “This is kind of boring, but one of the main things I’ve taken from Liza is that I need to always prioritize taking good care of my skin,” she says. “It’s things like how to combat rosacea, and the fact that I now know not to put too much eye cream on at night because when I wake up it can actually make my eyes look puffier, or that face oils are better. All that stuff makes a difference.”

Foster says she’s also learned the importance of dressing to impress. “Liza has taught me about the power of one elevated piece of clothing in your outfit,” she explains. “I have no desire to dress like a 20-year-old, but I’ve learned that a really nice pair of shoes or a great purse or coat can make a serious impact on your overall look.”

Any examples? “I recently went out to dinner and I had on a sweater from Target and some velvet pants, but then Gucci loafers and my coat. That’s how Liza dresses: super high and super low. But the power of one elevated piece has made me a better shopper. Itdefinitely helps me feel more put together,” she says.

Definitely two tips we’ll be leaning into in our own “aging gracefully” lifestyle, that’s for sure.

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