Sophie Turner May Have Just Revealed Some Major Details on Her Wedding Party (and We Have the Video)

It’s no secret, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married las month in Las Vegas. And while that ceremony was publicized (err livestreamed), thanks to their step-in photographer and friend Diplo, the couple has been pretty mum on the details of their future European celebrations.

Well, until now. 

The Game of Thrones actress stopped by the Graham Norton Show to promote her new movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and during the segment, it seems that some of her wedding details may have accidentally slipped out. 

Here’s how it all went down. When asked by the talk show host about her future nuptials, the 23-year-old actress was understandably vague. “You are having a big party?” Norton asked. “Potentially,” Turner responded. Apparently, this set Graham on the hunt for more clues.

“Is that a secret? Not anymore!” Norton continued. “I didn’t sign anything. It’s in France! 15th of July! Just outside Montpellier.” And although he conceded that he actually had no idea of the wedding plans, Turner (with a look of disbelief) quickly told the audience that Norton’s guess was a pretty good one. 

So, is this a confirmation? Is Graham Norton a psychic? Watch the full video above and decide for yourself.