Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Just Got Married in Vegas (What?)

Surprise! All the JoBros are officially married.

In a move out of left field, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tied the knot on Wednesday night at a ceremony in Las Vegas. Even better, the whole thing was documented on DJ Diplo’s Instagram feed. This is…not what we expected.

There must’ve been some magic in the air at the Billboard Music Awards, which took place earlier that night. What else would move you to get married with an Elvis impersonator as your officiant? The whole thing took place at Chapel L’Amour inside A Little White Wedding Chapel (which is, notably, the same location where both Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, and Britney Spears and Jason Alexander got married).

Anyway…Turner walked down the aisle in a low-cut white top, white pants and veil, while Jonas wore a gray double-breasted suit. Brothers Nick and Kevin were groomsmen. They exchanged ring pops as wedding bands, People reports.

Perhaps this is all a scam—but People also reports that online records show they applied for a marriage license earlier that day in Clark County, Nevada. Huh.

And here we thought they were getting married in October. In Paris. We have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of this.

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