Sofia Vergara Gave Fans a Glimpse of Her Living Room (& We’re Loving the White Brick Walls)

If the dancing woman emoji ever came to life, we imagine that it would look exactly like Sofia Vergara does in her recent Instagram post.

The actress, 48, shared a boomerang video of herself twirling in a stunning red dress and captioned the post with a series of dancer emojis. *Cue the Flamenco music*

Fans and celebrities voiced their approval in the comments, including Heidi Klum, who wrote, "Love you beautiful Sofia." But this stellar dress wasn't the only thing that caught our attention.

In what appears to be her living room, the Modern Family actress stands on a soft white rug and is surrounded by a cozy, wrap-around leather couch, which features some patterned throw pillows. We also see a round glass table, a tree floor lamp and a glimpse of her stylish cabinet. But what really brings the room to a new level are the white brick walls, which add a natural feel and texture to the room's chic decor.

This isn't the first time that the actress has offered a glimpse of her home. In August, while modeling a pair of jeans from her Walmart collection, Vergara gave fans a peek at her glamorous fashion closet, which legit looks like a mini fashion boutique. She wrote, "#FashionSelfie New styles. Flattering fits. Must have staples. #SofiaJeans fall is here!!"

The star recently had a surprise virtual reunion with her Modern Family co-star, Ed O'Neill, while judging on America's Got Talent. O'Neill asked Vergara, "I have to ask you a question: How did you manage to get the dream job you've always wanted, where you get to sit the entire time and someone else does all the work?" To which she responded, "I don't know, Ed. God always is so good to me."

Here's hoping we'll see even more Modern Family reunions (and glimpses of Vergara's home) in the future.

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