That ‘Schitt's Creek’ Emmys ‘Mistake’ Was the Best Part of the Ceremony

It’s been a full year since we’ve seen the Schitt's Creek cast together in the same room. So, when we heard that Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Alexis (Annie Murphy), David (Dan Levy) and John Rose (Eugene Levy) were reuniting onstage to present at the 73rd annual Emmy Awards, we were excited, to say the least.

And the highly anticipated moment didn’t disappoint. The four actors not only walked the red carpet together but they reconvened on the Emmy’s stage to announce the nominees and winners for not one but two categories—Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series. Naturally, it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

As the foursome stepped on the platform, they quickly revealed that the teleprompter was blank and they had nothing to read off of.

“They wouldn’t do this to us on purpose, would they?” Eugene Levy asked.

It was then revealed that Eugene had gone to the writer's room this morning and asked them to make some joke changes, implying this was the reason for the blank teleprompter. “You casually told a room of comedy writers to lift your dialogue?!” Dan Levy demanded to know. (Oh, and at one point O’Hara even used her Moira voice.)

Luckily, all ended well and the prompter was up and running in time for the second award's presentation. The bit (we're 99.9% sure the prompter 'mistake' was a bit...) definitely won over fans who loved the back and forth between the cast.

Last year, during the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, Schitt’s Creek made history when it became the first program to sweep all the top comedy categories.

We were just happy to see our favorite family back together again—and needless to say, it was our favorite part of the evening.

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