Ryan Reynolds Shares Wild Plan for How to Get His Daughter to Stop Listening to ‘Baby Shark’

If you're a parent, or you've been anywhere near a kid within the last five years, then you've probably heard of a little song called "Baby Shark," the ocean-themed anthem that kids can't get enough of (and most adults wish they could erase from their memories).

Apparently Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who are the parents to three young daughters, know this struggle all too well. Reynolds just revealed that their youngest child, Betty, can't get enough of the viral hit. As a result, the 44-year-old actor posted a series of pictures from his wife's shark-filled thriller The Shallows and said, "My one year old daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark. All day. Every day. There’s only one way to fix this."

Reynolds shared a slideshow of images from a movie where Lively gets stranded from the shore and tries not to get eaten by a herd of great white sharks.

Commenters loved Reynolds's joke, with one saying, "Well that's one way to introduce her to mommy's movies." Blake Lively even joined the fun, joking, "She’s gonna love Savages" in reference to her 2012 film where she gets kidnapped by a drug cartel.

This was just another classic instance of the Deadpool star displaying his humor on the app. Whether he's trolling Hugh Jackman or Queen Elizabeth II, Reynolds never seems to run out of material. We're glad to see that he's finding humor in parent life as well.

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