Prince Harry Is Already the King...of Dad Jokes

His older bro, Prince William, knows a thing or two about dad jokes (and, um, bald jokes)…and considering the fact he’s the father of three kids, it only makes sense.

But Prince Harry is prepping for the birth of his first child with seven-months-pregnant Meghan Markle—by practicing his own dad-joke skills, obvi.

While on a three-day tour in Morocco over the weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a forum for Education for All, a charity that aims to give girls in the poorest regions of the country easy access to education.

As he was congratulated on the duchess’s pregnancy, Harry feigned a mock surprise face. “Thank you,” Markle replied, while Harry asked jokingly: “What, you’re pregnant?”

The room erupted in laughter, and Markle (not one to be outdone by her jokester husband) said, “Surprise!” Prince Harry kept it going: “Is it mine?!”Classic dad joke, Your Highness. (The LOL-worthy exchange begins at the 0:53-second mark in the video above.)

The proud royal-parents-to-be were in stitches by the end, and we can’t help but think these two are having the most fun third trimester ever.

Keep those dad jokes comin’, Harry.

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