Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles Are Living Their Best Vacation Lives in Cuba and We Have Proof

While at home in England, Prince Charles is all about ironed shoelaces and his prized chickens. During his balmy vacation to Cuba this week, however, the 70-year-old prince and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles really let their hair down.  

Their vacay vibes are more than fitting. The Prince of Wales and the 71-year-old Duchess of Cornwall are the first members of the British royal family to visit Cuba in an official capacity, after all. So how are they celebrating their historic trip?

Aside from wearing dark sunglasses, carrying parasols to keep away from the sun and rocking their best spring attire, the couple went for a dashing ride in a convertible today.

prince charles and camilla parker bowles riding in convertible
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Charles and Parker Bowles attended a British Classic Car event in Havana. They drove themselves in a tiny 1953 black MG TD convertible to the event where they hobnobbed with local bikers and car enthusiasts. (Yes, Prince Charles hung out with leather-clad motorcyclists like it was NBD.)

Although Prince Charles owns an Aston Martin DB5 “Volante” convertible that runs on wine back at home, it’s not every day he gets to drive his lady love around. So, the Prince of Wales admitted he was a tad nervous: “The one I was driving is the most beautiful car. It has an incredibly powerful accelerator. It is incredibly close to the brake, so you have to be careful you don’t press the wrong one.”

Why are timeless whips like Prince Charles’s so prevalent in Cuba? Well, classic cars are deeply ingrained in the culture of Havana. With Miami only 90 miles away, Cuba was a popular vacation destination for affluent Americans in the ’50s. Many of them had snazzy sports cars sent over so they could zip around the island easily while on vacation. However, when the island came under the control of Castro in 1959, the cars were abandoned and taken up by locals.

As the saying goes, when in Havana, do as the Cubans do and feel your hair blow in the wind, Prince Charles


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