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With Prince Charles’s 70th birthday came lots of excitement. There were royal portraits, speeches, a lavish party and, most importantly, a ton of candid pics.

In honor of the Prince of Wales’s November 14 birthday, royal photographer Chris Jackson shared several of the birthday boy’s candid snaps on Instagram. Here, six things we learned from these pics of Prince Charles doin’ Prince Charles.

He LOLs with his Sons

While taking the official portrait for his birthday stamp (NBD), Charles stopped to get his laugh on with his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

He Feeds His Chickens (Salad?)

Little known fact: Charles raises prized Burford Brown and Maran chickens and is so good at it that he’s even the Poultry Club of Great Britain Patron. Judging from this pic, his secret to avian success is salad.


Apparently, the prince relies on a Kelly-green briefcase for a surprising pop of sartorial color. Here, he reads briefing notes on the Royal Train from London to Durham with his trusty briefcase at his side. Anyone else want to know where they can get one too? Just us?


This pic of the prince (and his ironed shoelaces) was captured after he enjoyed a nice jaunt around the grounds of the Dumfries House in Cumnock, Scotland. He looks pretty excited to get rid of those cleats.

He has a green thumb

Just look at him pruning his trees at Dumfries House (in a tie).

He Prefers Landlines

Prince Charles doesn’t need cell reception to go O.O.O. at his Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, England. That must be one long phone line.

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