Prince Charles and Lionel Richie Having a Giggle Fit in Barbados Is Friendship #Goals

prince charles and lionel richie

“It's a tough job, but someone has to do it,” the words we imagine Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles likely uttered when they were “assigned” to spend a week in the Caribbean as part of an official royal tour.

In addition to time spent in close proximity to the sun and sand, last night, Charles hosted a reception for the Prince's Trust at the Coral Reef Club Hotel and anointed the first-ever global ambassador: the one, the only Lionel Richie.

Apparently, Richie has been a supporter for years and is keenly aware of the impact the organization has made on the lives of young people living in Barbados. (Here's a video of him speaking at the event.)

Still, what struck us the most about the partnership is the clear camaraderie that Richie and Charles seem to share. Photos snapped at the event captured the two laughing giddily together. Charles even cracked a joke that included the lyrics to the singer's famous tune, “Hello,” according to sources. (Charles to Richie: “It must have been you I was looking for.” Richie to Charles: “Oh, did you just say that? He did just say that.” LOL.)

Definitely a vacation royal friendship to remember.

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